Svein Nyhus og græðgin

Chewing, eating, slurping, being –
Food as metaphors and symbols in Nyhus’ and Dahle’s picture books
Svein Nyhus (50), renowned Norwegian illustrator and writer of picture books for children, will show examples from his and his wife, poet Gro Dahle’s books, where food is used as psychological and existential symbols for life and growth and being in the world. Among the books is “The Ravenous Kid” (“Den grådige ungen”, 1999/2011) about a jealous big sister eating her own family and home. Read more about their books in Nyhus’ blog:
Svein Nyhus tekur þátt málstofu í Norræna húsinu kl. 15:30 laugardaginn 15. september.