Linda Bondestam

Linda Bondestam (b. 1977) is a Finnish picture book artist who has collaborated with numerous authors in Finland and abroad. Overlapping themes in the books are diversity and tolerance, often pictured in a warm and humorous way. Her wish is to contribute to a more understanding and tolerant world by giving a voice and shape to characters who differ from the average, to creatures that deserve to be understood and loved and who make this world a much more interesting and magical place. She loves using a wide range of materials: paint, pencil, collage, crayons but finishes her work using Photoshop as it allows her to stay playful true the whole process.
Linda has been nominated for a number of prizes for her colourful, vivid and playful illustrations. Most recently she won The Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize in 2017 for Animals that no one has seen except for us. As the world is a very hectic place today Linda strives to create books that make people slow down and spend a moment together, books that really engage children and adults alike.