Eva Rún Þorgeirsdóttir

Eva Rún Þorgeirsdóttir (b.1978) is a writer and a tv-producer. She studied marketing at London City College and finished a three year study in enterprising leadership at Kaospilot University in Aarhus, Denmark, graduating in 2006.
Eva Rún has broad work experience within television and media and started working at Stöð 2 (Channel 2) after college graduation. The last three years she has worked as a producer/scriptwriter at KrakkaRÚV, the childrens’ division of RÚV (the Icelandic national broadcasting service), where she produced the tv-show Stundin okkar- a weekly tv program for kids. She also has a broad experience working as a project manager on many different cultural projects and festivals.
Eva Rún has published eight books for kids, both fiction and educational. Her latest books published in 2019 and 2020, are the books (Calm), a book about meditation and finding calm in everyday life, inspired by her meditation classes for kids which she taught for several years – and Stúfur leysir ráðgátu (Stúfur solves a mystery) a humorous story about an Icelandic yule lad that solves a strange mystery. She also published the audiobook Sögur fyrir svefninn (Sleepstories published by Storytel), which is a selection of short stories for kids that help them feel calm before the go to sleep.
In addition Eva Rún has written many tv-scripts for kids, both drama and educational. Last year she wrote and produced a tv series for kids about climate changes, called Jörðin (The Earth), which is a subject of great interest.