Agnese Vanaga

Agnese Vanaga is a children’s book author and a green lifestyle enthusiast from Latvia. She believes that every joyous story can inspire and teach something new. That’s why she hopes that with every new book she writes there will be at least a few more book lovers than before.
Her book Plastic hooligans is about two boys and their encounter with a creature of our irresponsible lifestyle. It is one of the most appreciated books by the Children and Young Adult Jury reading promotion program in Latvia (9-11 year old readers&voters). The book was turned into a highly acclaimed theatre play and soon there will be an animated movie based on the book Plastic hooligans. Agnese has written two new books in the past year. One of them is the sequence of Plastic hooligans – the beloved story continues in a second book Plastic hooligans. A friend went missing.
The other book is Garden encyclopedia or What is that? – stories about simple but surprising living beings around us. Latter was followed by an activity book where the main character invites children to find out more about nature through entertaining tasks and exercises.