Rán Flygenring

Rán Flygenring (1987) is an illustrator, designer and artist from Reykjavík. She works internationally on projects ranging from live-drawing at festivals and conferences to editorial work for publishers and galleries. After finishing high school in 2006, Rán studied Graphic Design, Design and Typography in Iceland, Germany, Switzerland and Norway, achieving a Master’s degree in Design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2015.
Since her first publication Stundum, the final project of her Bachelor’s studies published in 2009, Rán was involved in more than 10 publications of both books and designs, often in cooperation with the German author Finn-Ole Heinrich. Their works were awarded in 2013 with the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis, the German-French literature prize 2013, The Jahres-Luchs prize 2014 awarded by Die Zeit and Radio Bremen. They were nominated for the ALMA (Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) in 2014 and the German Academy of Children’s and Youth Literature Illustration prize Serafina, also in 2014.
Her most recent publication Fuglar (“Birds”) which was published in cooperation with Hjörleifur Hjartarson in 2017, received a lot of attention and credit. It was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Prize and the Reykjavík Children’s Literature Prize, and her illustrations were rewarded with FÍT (the Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers) Gold awards, a prize that she was awarded with already in 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2017 for her designs and illustrations.
In addition to illustrating publications, Rán is involved in several projects like the Creative Summer Project at Hitt Húsid, a Youth Cultural- and Information Center of the City of Reykjavík. She also exhibits her works both in Iceland and international exhibitions.
Her most recent exhibition is Eggshibition, a collaboration show in Gröndalshús in Reykjavík during DesignMarch. Also, Rán was member of the jury in the Art Director’s Club of Europe (ADC*E) Annual Design Awards and the Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers Annual Design Awards, and she was a residency guest at the Weekend Residency in Gothenburg in 2013 and Art Residency guest at de Appel Art Center in Amsterdam in 2014. In 2017, Rán participated in Art Attack Residency at Þórsmörk, Neskaupsstaður.
In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute in Denmark.