Ragnheiður Eyjólfsdóttir

Ragnheiður Eyjólfsdóttir was born in 1984 and spent her entire childhood in old Vesturbær in Reykjavík, apart from the three years she lived in Denmark during her teenage years.
With a BA degree in Architecture from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Ragnheiður moved to Aarhus in 2009 to do her Master’s at Aarhus School of Architecture, from which she graduated in 2012.
She now lives in Munich, Germany, together with her husband, two sons and a ten kilo cat.
Ragnheiður started writing her first novel while she was on parental leave, after which she turned completely to writing. Ragnheiður won the Icelandic Children’s Book Prize in 2015 after sending in her script of Skuggasaga – Arftakinn. The book was also awarded the Icelandic Youth Book of the Year. The second book in the series, Skuggasaga – Underheimar, was published the following year (2016) and for that she received the 2017 Children’s Book Prize. A new novel by Ragnheiður is expected to come out in the Autumn 2018.